I've always liked the girl meets boy look. When I was young my mum used to dress me tomboy style, often I would sport very short hair with masculine trousers and a baggy jumper. From my understanding, this was for practical reasons, coupled with the fact that my dad secretely wanted me to be a baby boy. I remember my sister's friend once asked if I was a boy... that really unnerved me. Growing up, or better my inability to grow up, means that I feel just as relaxed in trusty old jeans and a chaotic assemblage of an outfit, as a child would. The only thing that has changed is that now I wear heels instead of red sneakers.

Mi è sempre piaciuto il look "girl meets boy". Quando ero piccola mia mamma era solita vestirmi da maschiaccio, per motivi pratici portavo i capelli decisamente molto corti e spesso mi faceva indossare

The leather shorts

Ok, so you won't be surprised to hear that shorts are another of the pieces that I collect in my wardrobe. Skinny or baggie, hot pants or longer, I just love them all. Firstly because they are one thousand times more comfy and practical than a mini skirt and secondly because they are girlie and can be very glam too.
Here's my leather pair, a recent purchase from Bershka. To be completely honest about the result of this outfit, I don't like the tights as a match, a mistake that I'll put down to my usual lack of time - when I left home I didn't notice they were wraaaa-wrong! What do you think guys about the rest of the outfit?

Ok, come dato di fatto gli shorts sono decisamente uno dei capi che amo collezionare all'interno del mio gurdaroba. Skinny o baggie, hot pants o lunghi...mi piacciono tutti, primo perchè sono mille volte più

Spring in my step

My desire for spring is insatiable right now, and recently there have been a few days that have offered a glimmering hope for what's to come. It's allowed me to slip into my spring favorites... a little earlier than scheduled!
The dimensions of spring time staples naturally get that little bit smaller. That said, one of the items that always comes with me is my oversized scarf, which is such a versatile companion.

La mia voglia di primavera ormai è inarrestabile e qualche complice bella giornata di sole mi ha offerto

Mes bottes font maison

My day-off uniform, or perhaps more widely known as a pair of simple leggings and a relaxed T-shirt, matched with my reliable over-the-knee boots, which were a very lucky purchase three years ago and remain my favourites for comfort and glamour.

Questo mixed di capi si può tranquillamente definire la mia uniforme del tempo libero, dei semplici leggings

Home is where your heart is

Some pictures of my creations and my vintage record player - still working perfectly.

Park bench dreams

This outfit is simple. A denim shirt (borrowed from Michael's wardrobe! Shhhh) with a sexy leather skirt. It's an effortless combination of both the robust and the feminine, the practical and the quirky - I can just add my satchel and I've got room for everything I need.

Questo semplice outfit, composto da una camicia di jeans (rubata dall'armadio di Michael! shhhh) ed una mini di pelle, romantica e sexy al tempo stesso. La trovo una combinazione femminile e forte, diventa pratica

Slow days

Here are some pictures I took last Saturday when I had the chance to enjoy a beautiful sunny day in my hometown Cremona. It's the kind of outfit that sits in-
between seasons - too heavy for the sun, but too light to fend off the winter winds. I love walking in this dress - it responds really beautifully to movement, creating different sweeping forms with every turn.

Queste sono alcune foto che ho avuto la fortuna di scattare in una splendida giornata di pieno sole, lo scorso Sabato, nella mia città d'origine Cremona. Indossavo il genere di outfit che mi piace portare durante i cambi

My daily sketches

Packing my sketchbook in my bag is something essential for me, not just because I never know when and where I'll find inspiration, but moreover because it helps me to investigate what's inside my fantasies; it helps me to push them as far as I can without any rules. The pages are often consumed by drawings, collages and photos of my creations. My sketchbook is my fantasy land, which is how I think life should be.

Porto sempre con me il mio sketchbook, lo considero essenziale, non solo perchè non posso sapere come dove e quando avrò la prossima ispirazione, ma anche perchè disegnare è un qualcosa che mi aiuta ad

Jeune & polie

This is what I wore yesterday. I know you must be bored of this cape, but I really like it : ).  This time, instead of wearing it like this or like this, I chose a more neutral combination and  matched it with the collar-brooch I made. Yes, another of my little passions when I have the time is to design and create hairbands, brooches, earings, necklaces - everything to fulfil my accessory fantasies. I usually create them with a mix of different materials and vintage buttons that I find in markets.

Ecco cosa indossavo ieri. Lo so, sarete arcistufi di vedermi zompare con questa cappa, ma cosa ci posso fare mi piace veramente molto : ). Comunque al posto di indossarla così o così, ho scelto una mise dai colori

My special V day

I'm not really a fan of Valentine's day, but because this year Michael and I have found ourselves in the same country at the same time, I thought it was remarkable enough to have something to celebrate on our very first Valentine's day together. Happy V. lovelies.

Non sono mai stata una vera e propria fan di San Valentino, ma il fatto che quest'anno, per un accidentale e fortunato caso del destino, io e Michael, per la prima volta, non ci troveremo a migliaia di kilometri di distanza ma lo trascorermo insieme, me lo ha fatto considerare abbastanza speciale da meritarsi un po' di entusiasmo. Buon giorno degli innamorati.

From catwalk to kerb

The biker jacket is not a piece of clothing, it's an icon! It's an essential element of any cool girl's wardrobe. The softer the leather, the better, and a lived-in look is a bonus. This season, go for a more pared-down jacket for timeless style.

La giacca di pele stile biker non è un capo d'abbigliamento, è un'icona glam! è il pezzo essenziale che ogni ragazza cool custodisce nel proprio guardaroba. Prerogativa fondamentale è data dalla morbidezza della

Something about me

 I’m an Italian girl consumed by fashion. Blogging is my biggest off-duty indulgence.
My approach mixes vintage, designer and high-street finds with my personality.
Above all, it’s about who I am and what I love. And the result? A style that can take many different forms:
low-key, glamorous, effortless and bohemian.Key words for me are instinct, style and attitude.
I hope you enjoy your visit and do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Sono una ragazza italiana consumata dalla passione per la modaed il mio blog è recentemente diventato il mio più grande passatempo. Il mio stile è basato sulla ricerca di pezzi vintage, di designer e high-street mixati con la mia personalità.

The jewellery box

For today's post I'm pleased to show you some of my favourite pieces of jewellery, a selection of the collection that I've been building for over 10 years. I like statement accessories that have enough personality to speak for themselves.
I'm an avid collector of vintage jewellery, the best of which I received from my mum, but I'm also proud of some really nice pieces I picked up from different vintage markets across Europe. I hope that one day I'll have enough photographic material to publish a post about my favourite vintage markets and shops in Europe.
Have an awesome Friday everyone! : )

Nel post di oggi ho deciso di mostrarvi alcuni dei pezzi che costituiscono la mia collezione di "gioielli", iniziata almeno dieci anni fà. Solitamente alla base della scelta c'è sempre una forte personalità. Infatti per piacermi l'oggetto in questione deve essere in grado di comunicarmi qualcosa.
Sono una grande estimatrice sopratutto del gioiello vintage. Sicuramente i miei migliori pezzi sono quelli avuti i

Free spirit

Another shooting in a rushed lunchtime. Some of you during these days asked me how I would describe my personal style, and in a few words I'd probably say it's feminine, with a lot of vintage and a little bit of punk. I'd be bored as a prototype girl. I'm not fringhtened to experiment, actually I love it - it gives me the esssense to innovate and if I'm lucky enough sometimes to improve my style.

Altre foto scattate in un frettoloso dopo pranzo. Alcuni di voi in questi giorni mi hanno chiesto come definiresti il tuo stile personale, ed in poche parole lo definirei come femminile, con molto vintage e un po' di

Quand mon style voit petit!

Shorts are definitely one of my summer essentials, so inspired by the sunny day I took the risk to wear my legs out. I normally prefer not to take compromises, especially when it comes to Fashion, so if say short and petit that's going to be exactly what I meant! ; )

Gli shorts sono decisamente uno dei pezzi base del mio guardaroba estivo, così forse ispirata dalla bella giornata, ho azzardato un'abbinamento decisamente legs out.  Sopratutto quando si tratta di moda non amo i facili compromessi quindi quando dico mini deve essere esattamente come intendo! ; )

The chunky cardi

Day off? Work it! Layer cool cover-ups over knits, team with bold stripes and a cinched waist, for a look that says you're so out of the office.

Bien dans mes bottes!

Strolling has never been so bright! With the power of my sparkling Giuseppes on a gloriously sunny day, I was shining with every step : )
La passeggiata di ieri non è mai stata tanto sfolgorante! Potere degli sfavillanti Giuseppes : ) che in una giornata di pieno sole hanno fatto risplenere ogni mio passo! : )

When it's sunny

Another Saturday, another outfit having as a subject this vintage cape, purchased last year in one of my favourite vintage market at Navigli in Milan. The only remarkable thing is that it turned out a sunny day, which makes everything much easier. Have a smashing Sunday guys! : )

Altro Sabato, altro outfit creato partendo dall'elemento principale, questa cappa acquistata l'anno scorso in uno dei miei mercatini vintage preferiti, quello domenicale dei Navigli (ogni Domenica di fine mese a  Milano).

The cape/coat: another way of wearing it

Happy Saturday lovelies, in this post I propose another outfit realized with the little cape/coat that I purchased lately and that I have already shown here in an urban version. This time I opted for a much more feminine matching, squeezed with a belt at the waist to accentuate the shape of the wild sleeves and giving more a sensation of wearing a cape instead of a coat. I accessorized it with my vintage Louis Vuitton and same shade ankle boots, a more recent purchase which I'm really into.

Buon Sabato tesori, in questo post propongo un'altro abbinameto realizzato con il cappottino recentemente acquistato e che ho proposto qui in versione urban. Questa volta invece ho optato per un abbinamento più

Happy Birthday Mom!

Finally the day has come, my mum's birthday! I've been waiting for this for so long. Words would never be enough to express how important she is for me, so I decided to post some pictures of her in her earlier 20s. Moreover, when I decided to launch this blog 3 months ago, I was searching for an opportunity to pay her a tribute; indeed, my (innate) passion for fashion is thanks to her. When I was a child I used to study some of these pictures and I ended up becoming completely fascinated with her style - I thought to myself that one

Biker mood

Does it also happen to you guys that you feel involved with some objects? I often do. Without considering myself materialistic, some objects get an affective value with the passing of time. Such is the case with the T-shirt in some of theese pictures. It was created by Michael for Halloween a couple of years ago - a cruel creation that looks as though it was involved in a slitting - and I saved it the day after from been thrown in the bin.
Trashy and tremendous, obviously the fact that it had been customized by Michael made me love it more.

The new cape-coat

During these cold days it's best to leave the house wrapped up in a coat, but what to do when you've already got one eye on spring? The colour is still very winter, the black code, but the shape is definitely something new - halfway between a cape and a coat, with some very open, wild, mid-length sleeves.

In questi giorni freddolosi meglio uscire con un cappotto, ma come mettere d'accordo un'abbigliamento funzionale a prova di gelo con la irrefrenabile voglia di cambiamento e di primavera?1... I toni rimangono

Fleeting thoughts

I'm convinced that an accessory can give prestige to an outfit. I'm fascinated by the fact that with a few differents details a style can completely change, so when I find accessories that strike me I'm on cloud nine! And so it happened with this leather collar-belt - which has a glorious fringe - that I'm wearing in these pictures. It's a super recent purchase, which I had to wear immediately to satisfy my crush. I don't do it this way often, probably because I'm a little lazy but moreover because I like to have time to 'study' a new ensemble. Here's how I had fun matching it, what do you think?

Sono fermamente convinta che sia l'accessorio a nobilitare un look. Mi affascina il fatto che con diversi piccoli dettagli l'outfit può cambiare totalmente stile, così quando trovo accessori di cui mi innamoro al primo
sguardo sono davvero felice! E' capitato per il collare-cintura di pelle con frangie che indosso in queste foto,
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