Get stripie!

This is literally a bag to body outfit! Yesterday, while I was taking a trip around the local shopping centre during my lunch break, I couldn't resist this mini jersey skirt as well as the striped top I found in trusty HM. I was jumping in and out from one shop to another... and oh! It was just supposed to be a quick stop to grab some food and go... no shopping... just a bagel. Crikey, I think if I were ever to work in a shopping centre

Beauty File: Hair

Hello sweeties, during the last weeks I've received some lovely emails which asked me to talk about my personal hair care routine, if there was one at all, and so here I'm pleased to share my 'stay beautiful all day long' secrets!  :  )
My hair is probably the part of my body that receives the most attention, first of all because I love to pamper myself with hair treatments and then because my hair is very long and regularly colored so it's necessary to give it some extra care.


Back in town I already miss the summertime weather I left behind me, anyway I promise these will be the very last pictures of the Emirates's trip  I'm going to post.

Ritornata a casa da poco e già mi manca il meraviglioso clima estivo degli Emirates, vi prometto che queste

Glitter medley

This is what I was wearing yesterday evening in beautiful Abu Dhabi. What better than a sparkling head-to- toe ensemble in the city of lights?! Have a great start to the week lovelies!

Ecco cosa ho scelto di indossare ieri in occasione di un'uscita serale nella bellissaima Abu Dhabi, cosa meglio

Abu Dhabi Baby

After a quick  cab drop, here I am! in supersonic Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, where as far as I can see it has really worth the ride (90 minute drive from Dubai).
Here everything is huge, oppulent, reserved, wild, crazy, excessive and beautiful...another planet!
These pictures have been taken at the unbilivable Emirates Palace (the amazing hotel featured in Sex and the city 2) allegedly the world's most expensive hotel construction-wise (over US $3 billion), most everything is
made out of gold and marble. They also have a gold vending machine in the lobby.
I couldn't help to play a bit of Carrie Bradshaw just for one night...and to make the deal nice and easy I took with me

Last day in Dubai with some Minnie dot skirts!

I'm ready to move on... yesterday was my last day in Dubai and I already miss it . Here is a medley of the latest pics I took yesterday while I was out and about enjoying this great city.

Ieri ho trascorso la mia ultima giornata a Dubai e già mi manca da morire. Ecco un medley di foto scattate ieri

So damn good!

Second day in Dubai and I did nothing but soak up the sun, a bit of swim, eat delicious things, had lot of rest, read a book, chatting with sis', had a desert aroma massage and got ready for my very first night out in town.....ready for the third one?....yes Shukran!

Secondo giorno a Dubai e non ho fatto niente altro che crogiolarmi al sole, fare una nuotatina, mangiare cose meravigliose, riposarmi, leggere, conversare con la mia sorellona, ricevere un massaggio "aroma del deserto"

Welcome to Dubai

24 hours in Dubai and I already love this cosmopolitan city. The reasons are obvious... it's seriously cool, everything here seems to be huge, energetic, hot, frenetic, utterly new and fresh and with a great history visible all around.

24 ore passate in Dubai e già sono innamorata di questa città cosi cosmopolita. Le ragioni sono ovvie...è

Party piece

Just some pics taken once back home after a fun party in the city with friends.
Have a great start to the week everybody!
Alcune foto scattate a  casa di ritorno da un party con amici nella city lo scorso Sabato.
Buon inizio di settimana : )

Natural-born thrillers

Hello beautifuls, while I'm still here in London, I've lately pampered myself with some comfort shopping, can you guess what would be my ultimate indulge?! Yes very obvious I reckon, some shoes!
Here are the very hight wedges I've got from Selfridges shoes gallery the other day (basically a place wich is every girl's dream come true!)
Today is going to be the Spitalfields market's day, as my agenga says, and I'm already thrilled beacause

70's is back!

Hi lovely dears, the post of today is dedicated to the annunce of  the March Giveaway's winner, thanks to  Shopalike.
 The winner is....da da da da da.... lucky Number 12, better known as Laura! Congrats honey I'll shortly contact you by mail. 
For the others sweeties who entered and miss the chance to win, don't be sad because I've already planned another BEAUTIFUL (seriously, belive me!) giveaway for April.
Have a great week end everyone!

Ciao tesorini belli, il post di oggi e' dedicato all'annuncio del fortunato vincitore del Giveaway di

Color jam!

This season is all about a full-blown colour jam....two, three, even four colour clashes at once. To achive the look just star at your wardrobe and  think about what colours you can block together, nice and easy!
 Here's my  colour-blocking casual version.

In questa stagione  troveremo un'esplosione di colori....due, tre, anche quattro diversi colori mixati in un unico outfit.

The paper-bag skirt

One of the S/S 11 microtends is the  paper bag waist, the ultimate waist chincher wich is going to be hot this season.
I really like it because it creates a feminine silhouette that adds shape to an outfit.
In these pics I choose a yellow-mellow colour  perfect to be belted with a skinny brown one and teamed with my wedges boots, a recent sale purchase,  that gives a seventy vibe to the look

Uno dei trend della P/E 11 è la gonna arricciata in vita stretta da una mini cintura. Trend che adoro, capace

Home is where your heart is

The days in the city are getting busy and I'm so sorry I cannot upload as many posts as I would like during these days, but new outfit pics are coming soon. I promise!
I just received brilliant news of an upcoming holiday... so new scenes for my pictures are on the way and I couldn't be happier : )

Back in London

Hi guys, today I'm writing from London. I'm back home for a few days, first to celebrate the engagement of two very good friends of Michael and I and to catch up with some other dears, who unfortunately I can't see as much as I would like because of the distance between us... and to start with the best, I saved

Electric Blue

Electric blue... I adore this color! Just like I do the more classic navy blue. Here I matched different graduations and tones to reign in the potency of the color. These open peep toe pumps are an excellent purchase that I made around three years ago, and even if I can't run miles in them, it's comforting to note that often when you choose with your instinct, objects become special to you despite the passing of time.

Blu elettrico, lo adoro! come il blu Navy nella concezione più classica di questo colore. Siccome è il colore

Moi je joue!

As always happens when we are close to a change in season, my desire for "something new" becomes insatiable, and who am I to buck tradition?! ; )
So, lately I've been collecting some new purchases (all of which I'll show you soon) such as this jacket and shirt, but the weather over the past few days has made it tough to capture them in their natural habitat, so

Made with Grace

Some days ago I created this collar-necklace (as I've already said, one of my passions is to design and create homemade accessories) and this is how I wore it! Hope you like it guys. : ) Have a fab Saturday!

Qualche giorno fà ho creato questa collana-collare (come ho già detto una delle mie passioni è disegnare e

My very first Giveaway!

Today I've got the great pleasure to announce my very first giveaway, open to all This-Grace readers. Thanks to Shopalike one lucky reader will receive this beautiful Vero Moda scarf. It's great for this season and will glam up a leather biker jacket don't you think?

Rules of the giveaway: 

Full skirted flowing dream

I got this great maxi skirt from my mum's wardrobe. It's probably from the 70's and a total crush for me; it's perfect for the 70s revival mood of long flowing silhouettes. I added a comfy sweater to give this vintage piece a cosy, warm touch.

Ho preso questa gonna dall'armadio di mia mamma, probabilmente risalente a gli anni settanta e perfetta per il trend della primavera/estate 2011 delle gonne extra lunghe e fluttuanti sulla scia di un revival appunto

From my sketchbook with grace.

I love to draw, it's been one of my true passions for as long as I can remember. Although my techique needs some work, as soon as I've got some free time I enjoy translating what's crossing my mind at that moment into my big Moleskin. Here's a snapshot of what I produce, but broadly I would say that my subjects are shoes - especially killer leg-slimming heels! Who knows, maybe one day this hobbie will become something else. But for now I'll keep on drawing and dreaming.

Adoro disegnare, fare piccoli schizzi è una delle vere passioni a cui mi dedico da quando ho memoria. Anche se la mia tecnica avrebbe bisogno di maggior allenamento,  appena ho un po' di tempo libero, cerco di tradurre all'interno
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