Stripes how do you do?!

In today's outfit I teamed super skinnies with a loose-fit top to keep the look in proportion and went monochrome to let stripes make a statement, the leopard sandals, I purchased last winter adds pop of colour. Hope you like it guys! : )

Per mantenere le proporzioni nell'outfit di oggi, ho abbinato jeans super skinnies ad un top-bomber dalla

When the sun goes down

When the sun goes down and sunsets get magical in the nature of my beloved hometown countryside.

Quando cala il sole e i tramonti diventano magici, nella natura di una campagna che mi ha visto crescere e cui sono molto legata.

New in

I recently planned to leave for London - the 2nd of July - the date when the sale season starts here in Milan. So, I've surrendered to the sad idea I can't put my sticky hands on the very few items on my sales wish list. But chance would have it that I bumped into this little soft leather wonder, in all her shining sales glory... with enough time for me to say yes please!.. and as far as I can see, Lola seems to appreciate it too!

p.s. Yep, I know, I know, but who would have imagined that she was a baby girl?!... Without any doubt, the

Geekie Gracie

Here are some pics I shot myself sometime ago and that they got lost in one of the hundred folders on my laptop, I decided to pos it today because the geek style is in accordance with my last Sunday passed on my own overcrowded by sketches, ideas, inspiration , pencils, martketing research, scissors, materials and the 32° in Milan...Arghhhh Yà hace mucho calor!

TBA I love you!

I was so exhcited that I couldn't wait to post these two edgy purchased of mine.
Thanks to the early's Asos sales what I've been checking  for a while hopefully is going to be in my hands soon. Thankfully just before my departure for Mr Asos preatty please don't delay this because I can't wait to go Sixties and have fun in these two fairy-tale-retro-design inspired outfits.

Sono così euforica da non poter aspettare a postare questi due recentissimi acquisti "totally my stile".

Playing in the grass

Hy guys,  have you ever think life would be much easier if you'd still be a child?  I do...and I discovered that nothing keep your mind thoughtless like jumping barefoot in the garden trough the little irrigation fountais... at list until you won't find out that your dear neighbours are watching at you with a baffled expression. Ouch! ; )
Have a smashing weekend everyone.

Ciao meraviglie, vi è mai capitato attraversando un periodo stressante di voler ritornare anche solo per un

During these days I...

 ...have got something for very long skirts....

Isabel Marant metallic skirt

This pure rock-chic skirt of mine is one of my favourite despite the fact I can't wer it as much as I woul like.
I always found it so much fun, the kind of item that  when I say "party" it says "I'v got a plan!"

Questa mini metallica in stile rock-chic è divetata in poco tempo, uno dei miei acquisti preferiti, anche se

Moschino the Party

All right guys, as promised here are the rest of the shoots took yesterday night at the awesome Moschino fashion show party, among with the outfit I was wearing for the occasion...hope you enjoy as I did!

Ed ecco anche le foto del after show di Moschino, e di ciò che indossavo per l'occasione... spero vi piaccia come è piaciuto a me!

Moschino Menswear - Catwalk report - Milan Spring/Summer 2012

Hey guys! I pop up for some quick snaps I had the pleasure to took yesterday night at the Moschino catwalk show, during theMilan's menswear fashion week at Magazzini Generali, so far the best runway I attended. Is pointless to say how much I enjoyed the  runway, it has been so much fun, you don't belive me?! No worries later on I'll show you something more in the second post of the day ; ) see you later lovelies!

Please let me just say thanks to every single dear who supported me in the Patrizia Pepe competition in

Fresh summery spin

Shorts are definitely one of my summer basic, I love to wear them not because I think I've got particulary nice legs but because I'm 5'7'' tall and like the the way they create an illusion of a longer silhouettes, plus they are so easy to wear and so cool to mix&match. It's definitely the kind of outfit that the most makes me feel on holiday .
Have a great start of the week dears : )

Gli shorts sono decisamente uno dei miei basic per l'estate, non perchè credo di avere gambe

Let it shine!

Hi darlings, I'm quite excithed to show you the pictures in today's post, taken by a brilliant young photographer called, Filippo, wich luckly I met recently.
 I've to thank him a lot for been such a lovely patient, professional and enrgetic guy during the yesterday's photoshoot... and these immages are the proof of what I'm saying.
While the outfit I'm wearing is mainly created on the sequins zara jacket teamed with  pale pink colour,

What a cute surprise!

Yesterday this cute little thingie, wich I already adore, arrived at my parents house and I couldn't be more chuffed! : )))) He still doesn't have a propper name so any suggestions of you gus will be taken on large consideratin. Good day everyone! : )

Ieri questo batuffolino, che già adoro, è entrato a far parte della mia famiglia e non potrei essere più felice! siccome il piccolo non ha ancora un nome ufficiale ogni eventuale suggerimento verrà preso in grande

New in - Fluo-banana gladiators

Hi guys today just a quick post to show you the ultimate  fluo yellow mellow gladiators I purchased yesterday ... so now that I've sorted with my yummie-gummie flats, I'm craving  even more for hot summer days ; )

Buongiorno meraviglie,  il post di oggi è dedicato all'ultimissimo acquisto, un paio di sandali gommosi giallo fluo, non mi resta che sperare che quest'estate si decida ad arrivare per indossarli al meglio. : )

A new jacket

This Isabel Marrant inspired jacket so far has become one of my favourite recent purchase, the bust up shoulders and the golden chain details makes this easy chic  number a clasic with a twist.
Once again I'm so sorry about my messy hair, I mean it's true that I have an allergy to looking too neat but I'm probably a bit to relax at it duing these days. ; ) Have a great start of the week guys!

La giacchina di Patrizia Pepe che indosso è decisamente uno dei recenti acuisti che ho che più mi soddisfa, la costruzione delle spalle leggermente a sbuffo e i dettagli dorati e sfrangiati donano nuova vita ad un classico,

Bags-collection, Part one

Recently I've received lot of e-mails in wich you asked for snaps of my bag collection, as some of you had noticed I've got a special predilection for this item.
Here are some of them, unfortunatelly  I could not fit them all on my bed, so a second part will follow soon.... ; )

Recentemete mi sono trovata a leggere alcune mail, nelle quali mi chiedevate di mostrarvi la mia "collezione di borse", dato che alcune di voi hanno potuto notare una mia particolare predilezione per questo accessorio.

A new twist

Hi lovelies, here are some pictures I took some days ago during my stay at the Tuscany's gorgeous MCCC palace hotel.
Do you remember this petite mini skirt of mine wich I was wearing in a casual way, when I packed it with me I thought to give "her" a different twist, so here's my glam version.  Hope you like it guys : )
Have a fun weekend!

Ciao tesorini, il post di oggi è dedicato a questa mini gonnelinna acquistata di recente, ve la ricordate nella

I can wear it all

Fringes, lace, sequins, studs,  wetlook leggings... yep yep I can wear it all! : )
Frangie,  pizzo, lustrini, borchie,  leggings si tutto in un solo outfit.

Rainy days

...and no umbrella... at least the skyscraper wedges kept me high above the soggy streets! ; )

...piove...e come al solito senza ombrello... zeppe aperte?! ok forse non una genialata ma se non altro sfidano l'acqua alta! ha ; )

New in!

Here's the bounty from yesterday. Although I left home to buy face moisturizer, I ended up with three jackets and something absolutely unnecessary but adorable... and, yes, angry skin... too late! : (

Ecco il bottino di ieri in un piovoso pomeriggio di shopping, e pensare che avevo lasciato casa solo per acquistare un nuovo idratante viso... risultato tre giacche nuove e altre piccole cosine assolutamente innecessarie e adorabili e pelle ancora arrabbiata...troppo tardi!


I found this vintage frock on a cold winter Sunday in Spitalfields market and it caught my eye at first glance. It was lying on the floor underneath a pile of old scruffy dirty clothes and when I picked it up it was an unidentifiable dirt color... but I loved it nonetheless. I thought its 70's summer Scandinavian vibe made it a special piece, and when the stall-holder told me the price, I thought "you must be kidding, you can't be serious!" (in a disappointed way of course)... £10 for this marvel just wasn't right. I kept these thoughts to myself and took my baby home straight away.  : )

Trovai questo abito vintage in uno dei miei mercatini vintage preferiti, lo Spitafields di Londra, durante un'abituale uggiosa domenica pomeriggio dello scorso inverno, la mia attenzione fu subito attirata da questa

Postcards from Tuscany

Hi guys, yesterday I came back home from the beautiful Tuscany, where I visited for my very first time the stunning landscapes of places such as San Gimignano, which I truly enjoyed. Here's a medley of my long weekend getaway in pictures, hope you enjoy it! : )

P.s. Thank you so much honeys for keeping up the support for me with your votes in the Patrizia Pepe competition on Chicisimo. I really appreciate it!

Buongiorno meraviglie e buon Lunedì, eccomi di ritorno dal weekend lungo trascorso nelle sorprendenti terre

Look of the day

My holiday here in Tuscany is definitely surprising me! Yesterday I had the chance to visit the stunning "Santa Maria degli Angeli" Abbey and, driving a bit further south down to Umbria, the incredible city of Assisi - despite having traveled across the world, I'd never visited this piece of my country, where art and beauty during the process of time have created a corner to marvel at. Food for the eyes!

Like a dream

Here I leave you with my ultimate floaty outfit, shooting yesterday in a very relaxing place in the Tuscany counrtryside, I'll show you more pictures of the stunning landscape very soon, by now wish you all a pleasant weekend. see you darlings! : )

Ecco le ultime foto scattate ieri verso l'imbrunire in un'affascinante campagna Toscana, non vedo l'ora di mostrarvi un po' delle meraviglie che mi circondano, nel frattempo vi auguro un buon weekend. see you honeyz! : )

Hollies on the way

Guys, today I'm particulary happy because I'm leaving for a short getaway to the beautiful Tuscany countryside to spend some happy days with my family and Michael, despite the fact that we're missing my sister who decided to go to Cannes instead : (
Anyway, the ripped boyfriend jeans I'm wearing are a D.I.Y. experiment - I decided to distress them as I was bored of seeing them unused for so long in my closet... I work hard for my clothes so the least they can do is pay me back! ; )

Let me just thank all the lovely dears who have already voted for my outfit in the Patrizia Pepe only 4 Stylish

Hello sweties! Here I am again and very excited with my second post of the day. A few days ago I was contacted by the lovely Irene who asked me to take part in a competition sponsored by Patrizia Pepe Firenze.
What's it about? For Italian bloggers to chose their favorite items and create a look from the current Only 4 collection by Patrizia Pepe.
And here comes the happy news, you have the chance to win one of the items from your favorite look, just by choosing the outfit you like the most.
The competiton will be open from June 1st to June 14th, at the final 4 lucky winners (one per look) will be chosen at random.

If you guys can take the time to vote for my outfit, it would truy mean the world to me!!! Thanks for all your support xxx

 Vote for your favorite look now!




Ciao meraviglie rieccomi super emozionata con il secondo post della giornata, infatti con mio grande piacere sono stata contattata nei giorni scorsi da Irene al fine di partecipare in qualità di stylist al divertente

June Giveaway and May's winner

My lovely dears, today thanks to the Australian label Sass and Bide, This-Grace is chuffed to offer you this faded print cotton Union Jack tank, which I'm sure will instantly add a great off-duty model vibe to your look! Hope you like it as much as I do and good luck to everyone!
Size can be choose from : S/M/L

Ciao meraviglie, oggi sono particolarmente contenta di annunciare il Giveaway di Giugno, infatti grazie al
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