A cosy casual look I matched with these awesome peep toe ankle boots for wich I've to say a big THANKS to PATRIZIA PEPE who recently gave me as a delightful present. Guys what do you think, aren't they cute? I hope you''ll have a smashing weekend.

Un look casual che ho abbinato agli spendidi ankle boots ricevuti in regalo da PATRIZIA PEPE a cui dedico un grandissimo "GRAZIE!". Cosa ne dite non sono carinissimi? Buonissimo weekend meraviglie. : )

Country living

I've spent the past couple of days in a very special place at earth to me, Cookham, just half an hour away from the city of London. Every time I come back to this fairytale countryside I feel surrended by the love of the lovely owners Anna and Nick and by the magical atmosphere of this place.
This cosy home is A real peaceful treasure fournished with some seriously hot designer pieces. Countrychic!

Ho trascorso gli ultimi due giorni nella incantata campagna inglese a solo mezz'ora di treno da Londra, più

Planning days

The flat-hunting in London keeps going on, OM I've seen so many ones so far that is hard to remember the details of each of them, anyway things are moving and I hope next days will bring me some more luck. Here is what I was wearing during my search something comfortable and flat... guess is what I needed the most...in every sense!

La ricerca dell'appartamento Londinese continua, oh mamma ormai ne ho visti talmente tanti che è difficile

Hampstead girl

Big News! For a few days I've been back in London where I'm about to move very soon :  ) I'm utterly chuffed because it's a dream come true but as a consequence at the moment I'm living quite a busy, stressful time due to the organisation of everything, i.e. find a nice place to call home! Hope you'll hear from me about this matter very soon! ; )
Saturday I went to have a look around one of my favourite areas in town, Hampstead and Primrose Hill, which are truly unique to me, a little corner of Paris in London!

Novità! a breve mi trasferirò a Londra per seguire un corso di studi, e sono davvero al settimo cielo, perchè

Richard Nicoll shirt-cape

I  had one of my famous "crush" on this simple yet immaculately tailored shirt's design sometime ago. 
It has been love at a first sight with the entire Richard Nicoll's clean collection, so no wonder  that I couldn't wait to put my fingers on this piece, to me one of the most rappresentative of it and finally I make it to wear it in a very hot summer endig day.

Qualche tempo fà ho avuto un'altro dei miei famosi "amori a prima vista", ecco come definisco l'acquisto

New In! Vintage picks

L.A. is a "surprising city" in so many ways, finding so many beautiful and fine vintage shops around was for sure one of the biggest surprise as I always silly thought that Europe was the unbeatable mother country of  it. I was wrong! but I'm going to talk about it in a future post full of links and details so that we can share our thoughts and experiences for a next trip to Cali, in the meantime let me show you my picks, what do you thinks honeys?

L.A. è sicuamet un città sorndente per molti aspetti, uno di questi per me è senz'altro dato dalla presenza di innumerevoli

My last beach-day!

Memories of the last day spent at beach during my last Californian holidays.
Ricordi dell'ultimo giorno trascorso al mare durante le scorse vacanze in California.

Wedding outfit

Last Saturday I took part as a bridesmaid at the wedding of Laura and Checo, two of my best friends, in the enchanting landscape of the Garda lake. The whole day was such a sweet treat for me and all the other guests; we all enjoyed the magical atmosphere till late, dancing and ending this beautiful day partying and splashing in the pool. Thank you guys for giving me such an unforgetable time.

I’m down to the final phase for the Bloggers Wardrobe and I need everyone to vote for me on their Facebook page page by liking my picture! Thaaaaank youuuu!!! : )
Lo scorso Sabato ho trascorso una giornata speciale in occasione del matrimonio di Laura e Checo

London VFNO

Here I am at the third Annual Fashion’s Night Out in London,  this international event is the brain child of Vogue, launched in order to breathe some life into designer sales post the 2008 recession. Walking around Oxford Street and Regent Street I could snap some "behind the scenes moments" and that's what I've got from the global Vougue celebration of fashion.... The night end up at the DKNY party where unfortunately the cameras weren't welcome. : (

Come mancare alla terza edizione della Fashion night out, per l'occasione mi trovavo a Londra dove ho

To hot for you to leave her!

It seems I'm running late! : s I've just came back home from California yesterday and today I'm alredy in London trying to cope with an important project of mine.
And I still have lot of pics of the last trip to Las Vegas to show you...  but first let's say something about these ones ...I took these pics in an unbelievable hot sunny day that kind of hot that melts you down in dis-Grace, and what to wear in this weather's conditions? apparently not that much, but few cute mini summer's pieces.

Sono decisamente in ritardo! : s Tornata ieri dalla California, oggi mi trovo già operativa a Londra per seguire un progetto personle che mi sta molto a cuore e che spero di potervi svelare a breve.

Bloggers' Wardrobe - Competition 4 the last places

Do you remember when I told you about the Bloggers Wardrobe competition last July?! Thankfully I've made it to enter to the second part of it, and I couldn't be happier : ) but now I really need all of your support in order to be able to be accepted to next stage.
I would utterly appreciate if you can click this FACEBOOK LINK and vote for me, The only thing you have to do is like the general wardore competition's link  and  after that like my picture to give me your precious vote.
Thank you in advance to everybody for your help and support : )

Vi ricordate quando vi parlai della "Bloggers Wardrobe Competition" lo scorso Luglio? Con mia grande felicità sono riuscita ad accedere alla senconda parte della gara, ma ora ho davvero bisogno del vostro aiuto


Hi guys while I'm upploding this post I'm already in Las Vegas keeping on with my south coast trip, so I guess that new landscapings are coming soon ; )
 In these pictures I was in Malibu enjoyng the breezy weather and my new ankle boots, lately bought there, I belive that  their colour plus shape will be great during this winter. What do you think dears?

Ciao meraviglie mentre sto caricando questo post, già mi trovo a Las Vegas, continuando il mio South Coast trip qui in Caifornia. Queste foto invece sono state scattate a Malibù, in una caldissima gornata di sole

Free People the store

Recently I've been invited by one of my sponsor Free People to have a look at the A/W collection in one of their store in Los Angeles and I fell in love for with so many beautiful things, that it was really hard to decide wich were my favourite numbers...I hope you'll have a look on their web page to find out the new hippiy-romantic yet feminine girl proposed by the brand, and feel free to like their facebook page.

Recentemente sono stata invitata da uno dei miei sponsor Free People per aggiornarmi sulle novità della

Walking around Beverly Hills

This is a lovely place to spend an hour or so walking around, taking in the views, looking at the amazing, well kept gardens and Villas, but as with everything in LA, things are spread out so make sure you're in a good moode for a quite long stroll : )
The dress I'm wearing is definitely one of my favourite, I was wearing it on the very first heading of my blog, and since then it's used to gave me good luck.

Questo è un posto davvero piacevole per una passeggiata, i curatissimi giardini e le ville da sogno donano scorci entusiasmanti, anche se bisogna essere sicuri di avere voglia di affrontare una lunga camminata in
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