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Hello gorgeous, in today post I'm wearing this stunning silk and crochet loose top, a creation of a brilliant Mexican designer MAURAIRERI.

Maura's designs are developed through a number of methods: her experiments with textiles, her great skills in pattern cutting and the inspiration she takes from nature. The result comes together with simplicity and elegance.
This top is just brilliant, I literally could wear it on and on because it goes so well paired with a pair of leather shorts and studded flats for a effortless but very stylish daylook. I'm definitely in love with it! ; ) x


LooK of the day: the peplum jacket

A Peplum refers to that short overskirt attached to a fitted jacket. It's a structured piece, but at the same time gives a girly feel to a fitted jacket and/or blazer. I love this kind of piece because can easily be taken from day to night, I normally pair with some skinnies but yesterday I experimented it with a pair of shorts and the new sandals I bought recently on sale.
Have a good day honeys. x

Balenciaga vintage trousers

Hello my sunshines, yesterday I wore the vintage Balenciaga high waist trousers I found some days ago in a vintage shop on Portobello Road (one of my favorite vintage shops as I always find little wonders) for a very small price. In terms of treasures, these beauties must certainly take one of the very top spots on my bargains chart.
However, yesterday I found out why their price tag was so favorable... they are almost impossible to wear for more than two hours, that is unless you're keen on blocking your blood circulation! Yes, as I always knew, Love hurts!

What's new: creative design elements

Last  Friday I've finally made to take a look at the Royal College of Art's annual summer show that includes works of the graduating students.
I've been stopped by these intriguing Emma Montague sunglasses creations, who was inspired by the relationship between the shape of the jaw bone and sunglasses when she put her Ray Bans down beside a mandible.
The result are a beautiful series of sunglasses made from different materials such as black horn, the jaw bones of deer and acetate.

Show your stripes in a navy chic day

Hello Beauties, today I'm all happy to show you the jewels received lately by Be Chic, their sailor's inspired style is ideal for pack them with you for a yacht's holiday or to add an instant fifties glamour touch to your outfit. What defines the Be Chic Jewellery are the particulars:  from the Marine details to the 50's couture motifs. 
And what's more Navy Chic than stripes? I opted indeed to match my "Be Chics" to a striped jumper, a blue navy blazer and a pair of classic denim shorts, which I adore to wear in my free time.
I've choose these the "Corda Marine" bracelet and the "Lovely Aquarium" necklace from the collection because they reminds me the sea, the sounds of crashing waves and the feel of the sand between your toes, in fact if I could decide it I would pair these two treasures with nothing else than a striped bikini.

London Menswear Fashion week S/S 13: James Long

June 16 2012 - James Long presents his Spring/Summer 2013 collection "Kung-Fu Cowboy", wich explores and refines the James Long codes of print, knit and silhouette to create a modern menswear wardrobe. 
There's been a big focus on shorts, working with pleating and panelling to create a new masculine shape where volume is controlled, the pleats  extending up to form the belt-loops on a raised waist. To counter this volume, there's an emphasis on athletic shoulder, especially in James's signature leather pieces, like the leather gilet with panels of polka-dot neoprene.

16 Giugno 2012 - James Long presenta la sua collezione S/S 2013 "Kung-Fu Cowboy" che esplora e perfeziona la sua abilità nel mescolare stampe, tricot e silhouette creando un nuovo vestiario maschile.


Hi guys, good noon! This is a quckie ista-post to update you on what's new on Graceland! ; )
During these days, guess what?! I'm once again flat-hunting and I've really got a big desire to find a space that I can feel home before to start my degree next September, even if I'm far away from my real one in

Ciaté caviar manicure

I've recently try the new Ciaté Caviar Manicure and I instantly fell in love with the "Rainbow" set...  
but I've already put my eyes on the smart "Black Pearls" edition. 
To be honest I was a little bit skeptical about the durability of the glitters on my nails, but I had to change my mind, so far my nails have been cupcakeliciuos for few days.

For more informations have a look here or shop on line here

Don't jubillee' ve it?!

Snaps from London's long weekend of jubilation! Hope you enjoy it guys. x

Scatti dal lungo weekend di festa a Londra, spero vi piacciano. x

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